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Corn In The Bible: Verses …Now Available on

Corn In The Bible means…MAIZE! Get it here at Amazon.

The description on Amazon for this chapter called, Corn In The Bible: Verses, reads: “This is a brief introduction into some of the verses of the bible that CLEARLY mentions corn. A must have little book for the dialogue that will soon take over the internet.”

I have had a presence on the internet with this “Corn In The Bible®” materialVerses for over a year and a half, and most people that would comment in groups and threads would IMMEDIATELY tell me what they read online after a 5 minute google PhD course on the subject.

It was the same comments – day in and day out. Can you imagine that the Human Family has been reduced to believing what they find after a few minutes of search engine acrobatics?

I checked the websites that misinform the readers about what Corn In The Bible really means. Even a popular religious organization has a website dedicated to lies and false information about the meaning of corn in the biblical text. I have produced a few videos on the subject. You can find the full YouTube page here.

I mean…come on!

A person that has NEVER considered why corn was even in the Bible because of being completely miseducated about the Americas being the “New World” telling me that there was no corn in the Middle East during the times of the Bible? The biblical people, places and events were in the Americas…NOT the so called Middle East! I have the proof.

This little book has many of the mentions of corn. It is a must have for people that will make money from, and engage in, the discussions on this Corn In The Bible® topic.

Leviticus 2:14 And if thou offer a meat offering of thy firstfruits unto the Lord, thou shalt offer for the meat offering of thy firstfruits green ears of corn dried by the fire, even corn beaten out of full ears.

Lower Egypt was at Mexico.  Upper Egypt was at Peru, South America. Michael Wall, the author of the Corn In The Bible® series of books (that’s me), has made this chapter available at a discount price. Get your copy today!

Get it on Amazon

Corn In The Bible® is the greatest TROLL campaign in internet history!

Being called a TROLL may be an honor for some of you on the interwebz. Not me.

Because MOST people cannot answer the simple questions, or they are locked in the Vatican and Holy See brainwash that the Americas are the new World, they think Corn In The Bible® don’t real.

durer RHINO

Because they are just now being exposed to something that has been right in front of the faces, they want to try to save face and pretend that Corn In The Bible® is the greatest troll.

A troll is a creature from so called Nordic lore. When I attempt to explain that the “M” and “N” are interchangeable and that MOORS and NOORS(e) is the same thing (same people), I am met with open, silent mouths and wide eyes like dears caught in headlights.

Instead of checking my citations, they rather try to excuse this information as the greatest trolling. Over 2 years of internet exposure for Corn In The Bible®. Many BLOG pages to support my information. Book chapters on Amazon. Multiple video lectures on Youtube. Corn In The Bible® DVD in production…and not ONE bit of evidence or argument to refute my information!

Corn In The Bible® means MAIZE!

This is the information that will lay the foundation to introduce to the world my REAL work. I have discovered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World…Still STANDING! You want to know which Wonder it is? Come, follow me.


Mexico was Lower Egypt. Peru, South America was Upper Egypt.

The Holy Crusade Wars were fought in the Americas.

The Islands of the Caribbean are the ancient Islands of Greece. Crete, Samos, Rhodes, Patmos, Lesbos, are ALL in the Caribben Sea….

There were mosques in Mexico in 1492 when the Spanish invaders arrived. Hernando Cortes and others of that time wrote about the MOORISH architecture at mexico. They said that the cities of Mexico where more beautiful than the cities of Spain.

I told a bunch of people that I was privy to the information that allowed National Geographic to find an ancient burial tomb of a famous man from a Greek Writing. The ancient Greek writing described the tomb. Above the tomb was the room that the politicians and generals of ancient Greece would meet and talk about the affairs of state. That room was called the Lesche.

In that room, one of the most famed artist painted murals depicting scenes from the Trojan War.  These murals were painted with the names of the people, the writings described what the people in the murals were wearing, who they were, and how they were standing, sitting, etc.

National Geographic used an ancient Greek writing to discover the tomb of a very famous man. The man was Achilles’ son! The place was at Bonampak, Mexico.

Bonampak, Mexico is ancient Delphi!

Click the photo to read the National Geographic article. Make sure to read the comments. 


Mosques in Mexico in 1492? Discover how to GET RICH rewriting history. Pt.1

 This has been an very long time in the making, but we are putting the finishing touches on this long awaited (over 500 years) discovery!

Just because YOU have just heard about Corn In The Bible® and have taken all of 15 minutes to become a google expert on the subject does not mean that this subject is brand spanking new or has been exhausted. No. We are just now beginning to EXPOSE the real intent and ill will of the Vatican and Holy See by proving that Corn In The Bible®  means MAIZE!

This topic is NON RELIGIOUS… 🙂

There is so much information to cover that I am looking for assistants to help publish newsletters and books about this Corn In The Bible® subject and hundreds of others. I do not want to get RICH alone. I want to spread the Love and share the wealth.

This first picture (below) is page 244 of the book, “Five letters of relation to the Emperor Charles V.”…, there are various translations. I am making them all available to my friends and fans here on the Corn In The Bible™ blog and courses.

Getting started on some citations for non believers. It really is as SIMPLE as just doing some READING on the history of the Americas to LEARN what has been hidden right before your eyes… 400 TOWERS all belong to
Ask yourself…”What do I REALLY know about ancient geography”…



This image to the left is VERY significant. As you can see, it is corn.

I have been educating people around the world about Corn In The Bible®, showing them that Corn In The Bible® means MAIZE…or American Corn.

Here, you see corn/maize being called Turkie Wheat! WOW.

This is HUGE. Do you know why American Corn was called Turkey Wheat in the 17th century? Of course you don’t. Most people still think that Christopher Columbus DISCOVERED America.

Well, this is a time for learning.

I want to show everyone how you CAN learn and make the smooth transition from what you THOUGHT you knew, into the new and updated knowledge without looking like a fraud because you had a different position in the past, or wrote books and made documentaries that are erroneous now that Corn In The Bible® has come to shine light on the true geography and history of the Bible and the world.

Corn was called “Turkey Wheat” because part of the Americas WAS Anatolia, Asia Minor…and…those places became known as Turkey….

More to come.

Corn In The Bible® …because they were in the Americas.

Do you know that the People, Places and Events of the Bible were in the Americas?
What are your thoughts about it? Send me a message and let’s find out…

Take a look at this scripture from the Bible:

2 Kings 4:42
And there came a man from Baalshalisha, and brought the man of God bread of the firstfruits, twenty loaves of barley, and full ears of corn in the husk thereof. And he said, Give unto the people, that they may eat.

Of course, you SEE the mention of BARLEY there. Did you read the “full ears of corn in the husk thereof” in that scripture?

There are over 100 instances where CORN is mentioned in the biblical narrative! It is time to have some FUN with rediscovering history. Mexico, Central America and South America are the lands of the Bible! None of the information that I share is religious or about any particular religion. Some say that man created the religions, not God. I tend to leave those discussions alone because they are not usually too much fun.

Geography, History and those topics, on the other hand…are a BLAST! Imagine finding the DETAILED description of a city on the coast of South America coming to life in the written text of the Bible and other ancient WRITTEN history…


Corn In the Bible: Chapter 19



Click to Buy


Corn In The Bible means the biblical people, places and events were in the Americas. This is the second published chapter of the long awaited Corn In The Bible Series of books.

This chapter really sinks its teeth into the written documentation showing CORN coming from the Holy Land during the Crusades.


This is the “Book Description” that I put on the Amazon page for the Corn In The Bible: Chapter 19 Kindle: HERE

There is so much more that I want to say about this chapter. I did mention a few interesting points about the Corn In the Bible: Chapter 11 book. That has been got some amazing responses. I just published this chapter last night (April 28, 2014). Let the post breath for a few days and I will include some HOT pieces to show why this chapter is so great.

– Michael Wall

History Of The Crusades

Joseph François Michaud has written in the 3 volume work entitled, “History of the Crusades”, some very interesting information. Michuad MAIZE crop

On page 182, in volume 2, Michaud writes about the enrichment of the fields and gardens of France and Italy by the introduction of some plants that were before that time unknown in Europe.

What is absolutely amazing about this section of the History of the Crusades is that the exclusive American crop known as maize is mentioned on page 183 (see screenshot above). Corn In The Bible

The bringing of American MAIZE to Italy between the years of 1150 and 1207 A.D.?

That has to mean that the lands of the Crusades were the Americas! Everyone knows that corn, in this case, maize, was only grown in the Americas during ancient and biblical and medieval times. Corn In The Bible® is here.

Corn In The Bible: Chapter 11

Corn In The Bible means the biblical people, places and events were in the Americas. Enjoy the first excerpt of the long awaited Corn In The Bible Series of books.

This is the chapter that opens the Crusades and Medieval history and shows the hidden secret about the Americas being the Holy Lands of the biblical narrative and Holy Crusade Wars..

Corn In The Bible