Mosques in Mexico in 1492? Discover how to GET RICH rewriting history. Pt.1

 This has been an very long time in the making, but we are putting the finishing touches on this long awaited (over 500 years) discovery!

Just because YOU have just heard about Corn In The Bible® and have taken all of 15 minutes to become a google expert on the subject does not mean that this subject is brand spanking new or has been exhausted. No. We are just now beginning to EXPOSE the real intent and ill will of the Vatican and Holy See by proving that Corn In The Bible®  means MAIZE!

This topic is NON RELIGIOUS… 🙂

There is so much information to cover that I am looking for assistants to help publish newsletters and books about this Corn In The Bible® subject and hundreds of others. I do not want to get RICH alone. I want to spread the Love and share the wealth.

This first picture (below) is page 244 of the book, “Five letters of relation to the Emperor Charles V.”…, there are various translations. I am making them all available to my friends and fans here on the Corn In The Bible™ blog and courses.

Getting started on some citations for non believers. It really is as SIMPLE as just doing some READING on the history of the Americas to LEARN what has been hidden right before your eyes… 400 TOWERS all belong to
Ask yourself…”What do I REALLY know about ancient geography”…



This image to the left is VERY significant. As you can see, it is corn.

I have been educating people around the world about Corn In The Bible®, showing them that Corn In The Bible® means MAIZE…or American Corn.

Here, you see corn/maize being called Turkie Wheat! WOW.

This is HUGE. Do you know why American Corn was called Turkey Wheat in the 17th century? Of course you don’t. Most people still think that Christopher Columbus DISCOVERED America.

Well, this is a time for learning.

I want to show everyone how you CAN learn and make the smooth transition from what you THOUGHT you knew, into the new and updated knowledge without looking like a fraud because you had a different position in the past, or wrote books and made documentaries that are erroneous now that Corn In The Bible® has come to shine light on the true geography and history of the Bible and the world.

Corn was called “Turkey Wheat” because part of the Americas WAS Anatolia, Asia Minor…and…those places became known as Turkey….

More to come.