Corn In The Bible® is the greatest TROLL campaign in internet history!

Being called a TROLL may be an honor for some of you on the interwebz. Not me.

Because MOST people cannot answer the simple questions, or they are locked in the Vatican and Holy See brainwash that the Americas are the new World, they think Corn In The Bible® don’t real.

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Because they are just now being exposed to something that has been right in front of the faces, they want to try to save face and pretend that Corn In The Bible® is the greatest troll.

A troll is a creature from so called Nordic lore. When I attempt to explain that the “M” and “N” are interchangeable and that MOORS and NOORS(e) is the same thing (same people), I am met with open, silent mouths and wide eyes like dears caught in headlights.

Instead of checking my citations, they rather try to excuse this information as the greatest trolling. Over 2 years of internet exposure for Corn In The Bible®. Many BLOG pages to support my information. Book chapters on Amazon. Multiple video lectures on Youtube. Corn In The Bible® DVD in production…and not ONE bit of evidence or argument to refute my information!

Corn In The Bible® means MAIZE!

This is the information that will lay the foundation to introduce to the world my REAL work. I have discovered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World…Still STANDING! You want to know which Wonder it is? Come, follow me.


Mexico was Lower Egypt. Peru, South America was Upper Egypt.

The Holy Crusade Wars were fought in the Americas.

The Islands of the Caribbean are the ancient Islands of Greece. Crete, Samos, Rhodes, Patmos, Lesbos, are ALL in the Caribben Sea….

There were mosques in Mexico in 1492 when the Spanish invaders arrived. Hernando Cortes and others of that time wrote about the MOORISH architecture at mexico. They said that the cities of Mexico where more beautiful than the cities of Spain.

I told a bunch of people that I was privy to the information that allowed National Geographic to find an ancient burial tomb of a famous man from a Greek Writing. The ancient Greek writing described the tomb. Above the tomb was the room that the politicians and generals of ancient Greece would meet and talk about the affairs of state. That room was called the Lesche.

In that room, one of the most famed artist painted murals depicting scenes from the Trojan War.  These murals were painted with the names of the people, the writings described what the people in the murals were wearing, who they were, and how they were standing, sitting, etc.

National Geographic used an ancient Greek writing to discover the tomb of a very famous man. The man was Achilles’ son! The place was at Bonampak, Mexico.

Bonampak, Mexico is ancient Delphi!

Click the photo to read the National Geographic article. Make sure to read the comments. 


Corn In The Bible® MEANS MAIZE!

I am back! In only a short amount of time I have been faced with unexpected challenges and to my surprise, some of the most disagreeable, unpleasant, contentious, and argumentative people that I have seen in my entire life. colorful-maize-varietiesSince the Summer of 2013 I have focused heavily on one aspect of my research. I felt the need coming from the majority of my readers that these FORBIDDEN HISTORIES and Discoveries should be simplified. Cognitive Dissonance has the majority of potential friends and readers stuck in an erroneous and false paradigm that is more than 500 years old.I have narrowed the subject down and present it in these four words… Corn In The Bible®.

A straight to the point theme that contains what I believe to be the major key to unlocking the truth that the people, places and events of the Bible were in the Americas!

Corn In The Bible® MEANS MAIZE!

Sure, I have found one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. That is the HEAD BANGER discovery of the millennium! However, that announcement may not be well received, Maiskolbenor even received at all, without a foundational path being laid that firmly shows and completely proves that the ancient geography of the world has been changed and rearranged. West is now East, Up is Down and Black is White. This is the journey that Corn In The Bible® will engage you in, and take you on.

No Ph.D., historian, scholar, theologian, professor or archeologists who values their career dares to confront the information in Corn In The Bible® head to head and source for source in the ancient written records.

The real truth is here. The Book will be available March 2014. Visit the website to pre-order and get on the list for the newsletter.

“2 Kings 4:42 And there came a man from Baalshalisha, and brought the man of God bread of the firstfruits, twenty loaves of barley, and full ears of corn in the husk thereof. And he said, Give unto the people, that they may eat.”