Corn In The Bible® is the greatest TROLL campaign in internet history!

Being called a TROLL may be an honor for some of you on the interwebz. Not me.

Because MOST people cannot answer the simple questions, or they are locked in the Vatican and Holy See brainwash that the Americas are the new World, they think Corn In The Bible® don’t real.

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Because they are just now being exposed to something that has been right in front of the faces, they want to try to save face and pretend that Corn In The Bible® is the greatest troll.

A troll is a creature from so called Nordic lore. When I attempt to explain that the “M” and “N” are interchangeable and that MOORS and NOORS(e) is the same thing (same people), I am met with open, silent mouths and wide eyes like dears caught in headlights.

Instead of checking my citations, they rather try to excuse this information as the greatest trolling. Over 2 years of internet exposure for Corn In The Bible®. Many BLOG pages to support my information. Book chapters on Amazon. Multiple video lectures on Youtube. Corn In The Bible® DVD in production…and not ONE bit of evidence or argument to refute my information!

Corn In The Bible® means MAIZE!

This is the information that will lay the foundation to introduce to the world my REAL work. I have discovered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World…Still STANDING! You want to know which Wonder it is? Come, follow me.


Mexico was Lower Egypt. Peru, South America was Upper Egypt.

The Holy Crusade Wars were fought in the Americas.

The Islands of the Caribbean are the ancient Islands of Greece. Crete, Samos, Rhodes, Patmos, Lesbos, are ALL in the Caribben Sea….

There were mosques in Mexico in 1492 when the Spanish invaders arrived. Hernando Cortes and others of that time wrote about the MOORISH architecture at mexico. They said that the cities of Mexico where more beautiful than the cities of Spain.

I told a bunch of people that I was privy to the information that allowed National Geographic to find an ancient burial tomb of a famous man from a Greek Writing. The ancient Greek writing described the tomb. Above the tomb was the room that the politicians and generals of ancient Greece would meet and talk about the affairs of state. That room was called the Lesche.

In that room, one of the most famed artist painted murals depicting scenes from the Trojan War.  These murals were painted with the names of the people, the writings described what the people in the murals were wearing, who they were, and how they were standing, sitting, etc.

National Geographic used an ancient Greek writing to discover the tomb of a very famous man. The man was Achilles’ son! The place was at Bonampak, Mexico.

Bonampak, Mexico is ancient Delphi!

Click the photo to read the National Geographic article. Make sure to read the comments. 


The Maps Have Been Changed.

The Maps have been changed!

When I say that I have found one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, what do you think that means?

For centuries the people have been told that ALL of the Wonders of the Ancient World were gone.
Forever. Destroyed by fire or earthquake.In some cases, the remaining materials were used to build other monuments and places in surrounding cities.

One legend goes to say that some of the stones and ruins of an ancient wonder WERE used in the construction of a castle built by the Knights Templars. Except for the Great Pyramid in Egypt, we thought that these historical, monumental marvels, THESE works of art and engineering genius, no longer existed.

We thought this way because we were told how to think. Seregipe Del Rey, Brazil

We have believed our teachers, professors, pastors, leaders, authors and those that we entrusted with the duty to tell us the truth. The question will soon be: “Why did they all lie to us?”

I have researched this for many THOUSANDS of hours. It has taken an extremely long time peeling through the paper stacks of ancient writings from the Greek geographers, poets and historians. The Egyptian hieroglyphs and written records as well as a variety of other documents and ancient texts have shown me things I intend to show the world with the release of the book. This is very serious.

Take this map of Brazil, for example. Do you see the eastern edge on the map that has Seregipe Del Rey written on it?

Having your eyes and mind open enough to see the subtleties that were designed to hide the world from you, to deceive your perceptions of history and smother to death the understanding, knowledge  and connection to your ancestors’ civilization and culture is valuable and as priceless  as the treasure that is life itself.

If you read DEL REY as a translation from Spanish to English meaning, “Of the King”, then  your eyes and mind are beginning to work. That is super significant, but, why is it? There have been many Kings. It is what has been buried in the first part of the title, Seregipe Del Rey, that escorts the royal point to the throne.

Seregipe Del Rey means from or belonging to the KING OF EGYPT. Of course, SERGIPE 1885since this is so clear now that it has been pointed out to you, as it was pointed out to me. The framers and deceivers were hard pressed to try and eliminate that connection to Egypt in an area of Brazil, South America.

The place is now called Sergipe. The map on the picture to the right is from around circa 1885. There is a history of Brazil that has to do with the KING of EgyptThe Pharaoh. The maps have been changed.

More to come…

The Maps Have Been Changed. The New Locations Are False.

There is no such thing as COINCIDENCE. Teotihuacan and the Vatican (part III)

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“The third grade is when I noticed a split in the world. I noticed a policy of divide and conquer at 8 years old. This was the age when I also learned that there were 7 continents. At that tender age I had no where to find understanding or knowledge that could keep my young mind together. It felt like those lessons and lies in the class room was like a big window that was opened and out of that window flew and escaped all of my imagination and hope”.

As simple as this may seem to the graduates from genius school or the rocket science class of 2012, this information hit me like a 1,000 kilograms, or 2,204.6 pounds of bricks when I first found it out. I hope the importance of something so seemingly trivial will have an impact on the readers similar to the impact that it had on me.

I have forever had the burning desire to know. To know why the sky is blue. To know the diameter of the universe, the true answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx, it had nothing to do with a man’s age; to know the secrets of interpreting dreams, to know the mysteries of Augury and the symbolism of why Noah sent out from the ark a raven and a dove. To know why patience is a virtue. And lust is more powerful than law.

Years ago, when thinking was a freedom that not too many seemed to exercise, I looked up the definition of continent. I started with the “New and Updated Scholastic Children’s Dictionary”. The definition that was in there confirmed that there were seven continents, and even named them as I was taught in school. Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Antarctica. One of the SEVEN land masses of the earth. The “e” in Earth was not capitalized in that dictionary. I would either not be in attendance during English composition class or would get dismissed because of arguments and disagreements that I had with the teachers concerning the rules of the written language. I am no grammarian, yet, so that part of my reasoning will have to wait until later.

Discontented with the explanation in the children’s dictionary, I went on to search various others. Collegiate dictionaries, Webster’s dictionaries, the bigger and older the dictionary was, the better and more clear the definitions became.

The meanings and intent of words have been changing for decades. Changed for a purpose. That is no coincidence.

When I found the definition that a continent is a large, continuous body of land separated by water, I was ready to begin my experiment.

You can take your finger and place it at the southern most tip of South America and trace the land north all the way through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia; passed Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, continuing up into North America – passed the great lakes of the Michigan and Wisconsin and Illinois region;  and beyond Canada until you reach the north eastern edges of Nunavut at the Gulf of Boothia in the vicinity of Auyuittuq National Park, without ever getting your finger wet.

Whew, now that’s a sentence…AND a distance. But, as you can see, it is one land mass. One contiguous continent.
The same thing can be done for the second continent. Take your finger again and start either at South Africa, Lisbon or east Siberia and you can criss cross that ONE land mass back and fourth from north, south, east and west without there being a separation from the land with water. We can leave Australia and Antarctica for another conversation. Asia, Africa and Europe are one continent. South America and North America are one, as well. I felt overjoyed when I checked this out for myself. Why the world population is taught to be bent on separation from each other and the illusion of geo-political boundaries is not one of the topics of my book, “Jive Turkey: or, How I Found One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World“. I simply wanted to share this here on the blog and I welcome any comments and discussion about what has been written.

The ancient Egyptians called South America and North America the “Two Lands”. Now, that is hugely interesting after all of the time I took to blog this, right? That WILL be mentioned in my upcoming book. Would you like to hear more about it? Stay tuned…

Part I

Part II

There is no such thing as COINCIDENCE. Teotihuacan and the Vatican.

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Teotihuacan and the Vatican

Teotihuacan and the Vatican

When I was in school, I was told that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

No. Better than that, I was TAUGHT by the grown up, adult teachers, that I trusted and wanted to learn from and emulate, that Christopher Columbus and his Spanish Conquistadors came to the Americas and found the people here savage, dark complexioned and backwards. The mentally torturous and systemically designed story of Columbus, in the third grade, went on to continue with the delusions and falsehood that the Spanish came to the Americas; found the “New World” and where so benevolent that they wanted to save the souls of these savage inhabitants.

These savage, heathen people were called by those teachers, Indians…and that Christopher Columbus had gotten lost at sea while sailing on a quest to find India. I heard that story from the age of 8 years old all the way past my teens and into adulthood.

When I was in that 3rd grade classroom, however, when the teachers were giving us the history of America and the so-called discovery of Columbus, I was so angered by the mis-education and false information that I totally began to rebel from school. I did not have any information at my age to speak up and say, “There were already people here in Central America and South America, how could Christopher Columbus discover an already populated place?”

The third grade is when I noticed a split in the world. I noticed a policy of divide and conquer at 8 years old. This was the age when I also learned that there were 7 continents. At that tender age I had no where to find understanding or knowledge that could keep my young mind together. It felt like those lessons and lies in the class room was like a big window that was opened and out of that window flew and escaped all of my imagination and hope.

Can you imagine giving lies to children that are so deeply rooted in their psychology that the developmental process is completely shut down? Who would stand to gain from a curriculum of falsehood such as that?

There are still adults, to this very day and hour, that believe Christopher Columbus discovered America. These brain damaged adults even believe that the Papal Bulls and authority given to the Spanish to conquer, kill, enslave and lobotomize the “dark” inhabitants of Mexico, Central and South America and those islands was justified because of the Holy Church.

Why does the Vatican have a copy of this place in Teotihuacan, Mexico as the road to and from St. Peter’s Square?

It wasn’t until I read the…

More to come. Click here for Part II…

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